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The Element Advantage

We bring all the pieces together. Our average net returns are $300 higher than industry benchmarks.
Remarketing off-lease and repossessed vehicles can be a complicated and time-consuming process. With the Element advantage, the entire vehicle auction process is designed to obtain higher returns and shorten cycle times. We typically deliver 105 percent of market value for our clients, with average net returns that are $300 higher than industry benchmarks.

Higher Return

Our long-term relationships with top performing auction companies - along with our reputation for excellence in the industry - help us deliver high resale values. After determining the best location to remarket your vehicles, we work with the auction company to increase the number of interested buyers at the event. We have deep expertise in marketing, managing inventory, and coordinating delivery. This means we can reduce operating costs and optimize sale prices.

Personal Representation

With an average of 21 years' experience, our field-based Element representatives are on-hand at the auction to monitor the entire sales process. We understand valuations, handle important paperwork and obtain prime lane positioning for your vehicles.

Reduced Cycle Time

Real-time auction data allows us to make fast, intelligent decisions that expedite sales and reduce cycle times. Our strong relationships with established auction companies help us complete the sales process more quickly - and deliver returns to you sooner.

Economies of Scale

We remarket more than 100,000 vehicles a year, and have the know-how to make strategic and cost-effective marketing and reconditioning decisions that are designed to increase returns. And with these volume levels, we can also arrange for competitive sale, reconditioning, and detailing services for your vehicles.

Put our expertise to work for you.


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